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What are we doing about the virus? (and how to stay safe)

Hey Friends,

There's a lot of uncertainty and questions about the virus (COVID-19) that's going around.  We wanted to share a couple of the things we're doing at Catfish Sumo to help keep you and our team safe.

During a time that had so much fear, and many people aren't able to go in to work, fishing is a great way to relax, get some fresh air, and have fun catching trophy catfish.

Unfortunately while many of you are getting out your fishing gear, and even shopping for new gear, many of our partners are experiencing closed warehouses, or long shipping delays. But so far, we're still operating at full capacity and shipping daily.

Because we care a lot about keeping you safe and healthy, and we want our team to stay healthy as well, here's how we're handling orders right now:

  • We've pre-packed shelves full of our most common orders.  After they've been sitting for 3 days (because right now scientists are saying the virus can last 2-3 days on plastic and metal), we're using these packages to ship new orders.  That means that as soon as you place your order, we'll put a shipping label on the outside and it's ready to go.
  • We aren't including packing slips in these orders right now to help reduce as much contact as possible with your order.  You'll still get an email confirmation, and you can look up your receipt in your account on our website.
  • Any orders that contain a mix of items that we don't already have pre-packed will get a label on the outside recommending that in order to prevent any spread, you could wipe it down, or let it sit for 3 days before handling it.
  • As of 3/23/2020, there have been no reported cases of a person getting infected from a surface such as mailed or delivered packages. (source)
  • Nobody on our team is permitted to come to work if they've been exposed to COVID-19, or are showing symptoms of the virus.

Currently, we're still shipping orders daily.  So far, we haven't seen any delay in delivery times from UPS or USPS, though that could happen at some point if certain hubs are closed or moved to limited staff.

We hope you all stay safe and healthy. We're praying for protection for anyone that could be exposed, and a quick full recovery for anyone who is sick.  Please join us in praying for this as well.

If there are any additional questions, feel free to reach us by email, our website, or by messaging our facebook page.  Our customer service team is mostly working remotely right now helping to answer any questions.

Best regards,

Daniel Leake
Founder, Catfish Sumo™

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