Heavyweight Champions: Catfish Sumo Angler Recognition Program

We're here to help you catch more catfish. And we're also here to celebrate and recognize anglers who have caught remarkable fish!

We recognize outstanding anglers who meet the following requirements:

Qualified Fish: Anglers must submit acceptable proof that their fish meets or exceeds minimum weights or lengths.

Acceptable proof includes: verification by either a witness or a photograph. If a photo is used, the fish must be lying flat next to a flat measuring tape.

Legally Caught: Anglers must acknowledge their catch was legally caught (according to regulations where the fish was caught ) by sportfishing methods only (rod/reel or cane pole).

Safe Release: Angler must certify their catch was carefully handled and safely released (CPR).

Angler+Teacher: Angler must tell one way they've attempted to pass on fishing skills or useful information to anther angler, or provide one tip with their submission to new anglers.

We're not asking anyone to reveal any sensitive information, but we do only recognize anglers who understand that a true angler must also be a teacher.

Certification is FREE, but if you'd like a printed certificate and Catfish Sumo decal, you can purchase your certificate here:

How to Apply:

1) Complete the form below

2) Email your acceptable proof (see above) to Hello@CatfishSumo.com

3) Receive your recognition!