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Best catfish rigs

Get the Inside Scoop on the Best Catfish Rigs

There are plenty of ways to catch catfish, and you can use different types of catfish rigs depending on where you live, the time of year, and the type of catfish you want to catch. But what are the best catfish rigs? Hereā€™s everything you need to know about finding and using catfish rigs successfully!

What to consider when selecting a rig

When picking out a rig, consider your needs and where you're fishing. If you'll be paddling and sitting in one spot all day, you might want to invest in a stable catfish rod that won't get tiring to use. If you'll be chasing catfish from boat-to-boat, a travel rig is ideal for those who don't want to carry gear for too long. In the end, it's about what will best suit your individual needs. For example, some people prefer a large catfish lure because they can cast farther with less effort. Others need an ultra-light rod so they can handle many lines at once without any weight holding them down. No matter what type of rig you decide on, always make sure it's made of durable materials and has the right balance between strength and flexibility.

Slip Bobber Catfish Rig

If you want to catch big catfish, using a Slip Bobber Catfish Rig can be your ticket to victory. All you have to do is find a slip bobber that will work for your location and set it up. Slide the hook through one of the small holes in the top half of your bobber, making sure not to catch any bubbles along with it and keeping a point about 1ā„4 off the bottom. Then, bait up with some earthworms or something similar and let it sit at the bottom of your lake or pond. Once an unsuspecting catfish takes the bait you can set your hook! It's best to use heavy duty fishing line so that you don't snap your line as soon as the fish begins to run. It's also important to note that this rig works best when there are light currents present.Ā  Without currents, the bobber may just sit on the surface without moving at all.

Santee Cooper Catfish Rig

The Santee Cooper Catfish Rig is one of the best rigs to use when fishing for catfish. Whether you're using it to catch a big catfish, or the general yeller backs, the Santee Cooper Catfish Rig is sure to help you out. The Santee Cooper Catfish Rig has been around for decades because it's a trusted and well-known rig. It can be used in many different ways and can give you any chance of success, which is what every angler wants! Here are some instructions on how to set up your Santee Cooper Catfish Rig: Place your bait above your hook (note: if you're catching small fish, place your bait below your hook). Then tie a wire leader (thin line) onto the eye of the hook. The length of this wire leader should be about six inches long. Next attach either an egg sinker or split shot onto the wire leader so that it hangs off at least an inch below the bait; then slide a worm under the weight so that it will lie just over top of your hook. After all this is done, tighten everything together with pliers and now you have yourself an awesome Santee Cooper Catfish Rig!

3 Way RigĀ 

Fish for catfish with a 3 way catfish rig made with a 3 way swivel. The three-way swivel allows you to rig your line in an S shape, giving it additional movement in order to create more action. Unlike other rigs, this type of rigging enables you to work the rod and reel while still fishing. It's ideal when catfish are lying down off of rocks or floating at a certain depth that would cause casting attempts to bounce off them or miss altogether. It can also be used with heavier weighted fishing line because of its unique design that limits the amount of pull applied to the rod and reel by making it harder for weight to twist against your line. The 3 way catfish rig is excellent for vertical jigging because of the increased mobility offered. One problem some anglers have is getting their bait back out of weeds, but because the lead weight hangs below your line, it creates less drag which helps get your bait back out quicker. You may find yourself wanting to try the 3 way catfish rig if you've been having trouble catching fish on traditional hooks and lines.

Tube jig

The tube jig is another catfish rig that can be utilized in a number of ways to find catfish and put them into your basket. The rig is generally attached to a 1ā„4-ounce lead weight that gets cast out onto a deep drop-off. Then, you allow the tube jig to go down to the bottom, which may take 10 or more seconds depending on how deep you cast it. The last thing you want to do is overspin it, since this will have a tendency to swirl off its scent trail, sending bait fish into a frenzy and attracting hungry predators in turn.Ā  Once you feel the weight hit bottom, wait for about three seconds before setting the hook with a sharp tug. If thereā€™s not any immediate strike at that point, reel in fast enough to pull slack from the line and then let the rig go back down with another slow count of five seconds before repeating the process.

When fishing for catfish with tube jigs in rivers, make sure to keep it near shoreline structure so as not to scare away all of those nearby cats!

Other popular catfish bait options.


Picking out a catfish lure is an art unto itself and there are many different types to choose from, each with their own specific application. However, if you want to get down to basics and look for some general characteristics of a spinnerbait that would be best for catching catfish, itā€™s recommended that you pick one thatā€™s shaped like a football or has an elongated shape. The size also plays a factor in determining which type of spinnerbait to use: larger lures work better when fishing for bigger fish and smaller lures work better when fishing for smaller fish. Spinnerbaits come in sizes ranging from 3 inches all the way up to 12 inches, so this will dictate what size rod you'll need as well! When picking out a catfish rod, it's important to keep in mind that these rods usually have a medium-heavy action due to the heavier weights they're meant to handle (which can range anywhere from 8-12 ounces). They usually have lots of backbone because they're meant for battling big fish, but they still have enough sensitivity built into them so you can feel your bait hitting bottom. Some people believe that the right length of your rod depends on how far you plan on casting but this isn't always true. The perfect length for your rod depends on where the water is deep enough for you to cast into and what type of line you're using. As long as your line won't tangle around anything (like rocks), then most lengths will do just fine!


Crankbaits come in all shapes and sizes but at the end of the day they are all designed to give off sound and attract big catfish. The trick is to use baitfish scent, that gives your crankbait an even bigger advantage because catfish love to eat other fish - like baitfish. With just a little practice you'll be reeling in some monster blues that might surprise you.

Inline spinnerbait

Catfish rigs are important to catch these fish. You can also use spinning lures, like black/blue spinnerbaits or fluke spoons. There are many different types of catfish rods you can use to help attract them and reel them in. A popular rod among catfish anglers is a heavy-duty baitcasting rod with a short butt that has a fast action for better hooksets. It's recommended to use 10-20 pound test line when fishing with this type of rod so it doesn't snap from being yanked by a powerful fish. The idea behind this baitcasting rod is that it will be easier to cast bigger baits without having to change lines. Also, it will allow you to make longer casts while fishing the shoreline because your line won't break as easily due to slack. Some fishermen prefer using spinning rods because they feel like they have more control over their lure when fighting against an angry beast!

Soft jerkbait

The best catfish rigs are soft jerkbaits that include a flat, round head. This kind of lure typically ranges in color from a light green to dark olive to yellow, with most brands coming in at least two or three of these colors. They are perfect for catching catfish because they imitate tadpoles and minnows. The soft jerkbait is known as a quality method for not only catching catfish but also perch, bluegill, and other panfish. It's just one of many ways to catch catfish with bait, but it's a good place to start.Ā  A soft jerkbait is one of several different types of catfish lures.

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