• Rattling Line Float for Santee Rig by Catfish Sumo

Rattling Line Float for Santee Rig by Catfish Sumo

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Peg floats on a Santee Rig help keep your bait out of snags, and in target feeding zones for catfish.
But there's more to it--adding a rattling sound and visual cues can encourage a strike from a catfish that otherwise might not have cared about your bait.
If you're intrigued by the recent attraction to rattling peg floats for catfish, but you're scared away by the price, now's your chance to finally catch the impulsive fish you've been missing!
  • DOUBLE SENSES: With a loud rattle and visual cues, hesitant catfish strike when scent alone isn't enough
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Green Sunfish, Silver Shiner, Clear Minnow, Blue Crappie, Purple Shiner, Green Crappie, Threadfin Shad
  • MULTI-RIG: With three different attachment points, you can rig this float inline, or at an angle.
  • BUILT TOUGH: Able to withstand line pressure from enormous monsters!

Buy now and the next time you're fishing you'll see why so many pros are adding a rattling float to their santee rigs!

If you've been trying to find where to buy demon dragon-style catfishing line floats online, you're in the right spot.

(Clarification: It was pointed out that lots of companies sell this style of lure and in case you're wondering these are manufactured for, and sold by, Catfish Sumo™. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any other company or store that sells this style of lure.  Our lures are manufactured for us, sold by us. Quality guaranteed.)