Sumo Sweeper Hooks, Circle, Offset, Sharp for Trophy Catfish

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There's a lot of good hooks for sale.  Most of them will do a fine job catching you fish.
Catfish Sumo Sweeper Hooks are designed for more hookups, even when you aren't paying attention!
  • STOP LOSING FISH: There's a reason you're missing so many fish--and it's your hooks. Catfish Sumo hooks are made from forged steel, offset with a razor sharp tip to ensure the best hook set, and keep your fish on!
  • BULK-BUY: 25-packs give you the most bargain for your dollars. Premium tackle is expensive. Our 25-packs are a great value for you.
  • PROTECT YOUR LINE: Closed Eye protects your line and your knot so you can fight a monster, or pull out from a snag with confidence.
  • MORE HOOKUPS: The sweeping action of the Sumo Sweeper gives multiple chances for the hook to set. This means you'll have more hookups, even if you aren't paying attention. They're especially good for trot lines!
  • WARNING: Sharp hooks.