Sumo Spoon - Catfishing Bait Spoon for Skipjack, White Bass, Striped Bass and Other Baitfish, 1 5/8"

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Get ready to catch bait like you never have before!

  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION: 1 5/8” spoons are made from top-quality components so you can fill up coolers of bait on a single spoon
  • ENTICING ACTION: Unique weight and wobble mimics the schools of minnows your bait is chasing down. WHAM!
  • PERFECT WEIGHT: Can be fished solo, or rig with a forward-weight to work your spoon through heavier current.
  • FISH STAY HOOKED: It’s frustrating when your catch flips off the hook before you can land it. The Sumo Spoon’s unique second prong helps keep the fish hooked until you get it in the cooler.

Even if you're someone who enjoys catching bait, it's never fun to lose fish after fish when they throw the hook before you can land them.

It's simply foley to continue to waste time catching bait that way!

Instead, choose the Sumo Spoon with two prongs and land more of the bait you catch!