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"Best sinkers I’ve used ever"

-Kathryn R., Catfish Sumo Customer


Use with sinker sliders, or tied to the bottom of your rig.

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Finally - catfishing weights that protect your line instead of hurting it!

Do you connect your weights with sinker sliders?

Catfish Sumo Cannonball Sinkers are built with a metal loop for connecting your weight to your sinker slider!

  • Each bag contains 10 sinkers
  • Each sinker is made from high quality lead, molded, and polished for a smooth outside
  • Catfish Sumo Cannonball Sinkers have a metal loop for clipping to your sinker slider
  • Stop throwing away rig after rig when they break off. Instead, combine these weights with the Catfish Sumo Line Protection Kit and protect your line instead of damaging it
  • Did we mention, ALWAYS free shipping! No minimums!


When bare lead slides up and down your line, it can cost you 35% of your line's strength in just the first trip!

It's aggravating to break off your whole rig, especially when the reason is worn line.

How do you pick the right sinker shape?

  • Egg Sinkers: The most popular sinker for catfishing.  Your line passes through the sinker, so you can instantly feel when a catfish hits. Use these when fishing from the bank or boat in still water, or drifting with current from a boat.
  • Cannonball Sinkers: Round sinkers with a metal loop.  Use these when you want to use sinker sliders to easily remove your weights for transport, or to change sizes.
  • No-Roll Sinkers: Usually used in moving water where egg sinkers would just roll around. The flat shape helps them stay in place on the bottom.


Catfish Sumo sinkers could be for you if...

  • ...you use a sinker slider to protect your main line from wear
  • ...you're tired of low-quality sinkers that aren't consistent
  • ...you're just getting into catfishing and don't want to waste a bunch of money on low-quality tackle
  • ...you travel and need to be able to disconnect your lead with a sinker slider
  • ...you use any of these methods for catfishing: casting, drifting, trolling, suspend fishing
  • ...you fish from the bank or a boat

How are these different from sinkers anyone can pour in their basement?

Listen, homemade weights can be a great way to get started.  Just about anyone can make them, but they have a lot of problems including:

  1. They're usually made from low-quality or mixed materials that fall apart so you'll end up spending money over and over replacing them.
  2. They haven't gone through a polishing step which removes dangerous burrs that can easily cut right through your line

Instead, choose quality sinkers that protect your line!

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Michael T.
United States United States
Two thumbs ups

Great quality and will be buying more products

United States United States
Fast shipping

I haven't used these cannonball weights yet, but combined with the sinker slides that I also ordered I should be set for my trip to The Ozarks. Thanks for everything Daniel!!

russell l.
United States United States
Can't find these locally

I haven't used them yet because I just received them. I'm hoping they'll work for what I have planned.

Kathryn R.
United States United States
Great sinkers

Best sinkers I’ve used ever Especially in the muddy river. No snag up’s yet Wish they made them in 3oz and 5 oz maybe in the future?

Brian P.
United States United States

Great quality, perfect weight.