• Sinker Sliders + Bumpers, 12-Pack

Sinker Sliders + Bumpers, 12-Pack

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  • No-Twist: Wide plastic slider helps prevent your line from twisting the way narrow sliders do.
  • Easy To Use: Instead of cutting your line every time you want to change up your rig, these sliders allow you to easily switch your sinker styles and weights.
  • Protect Your Rods: Don't let your weights bang against your rod during travel. Instead, easily unclip your weights while you're driving, boating, or rowing!
  • Sinker Sliders Protect Your Line: When your weights rub on your line, they cause damage that weakens your line and can cause your line to break right when a monster fish hits!
  • Stop Losing Fish: Includes 12 sinker bumpers that protect your knot! Weights and sliders hitting your knot can cause damage and weaken your knot. You don't want a weak knot when the fish of your life hits your bait!