Catfish Sumo Heavyweight Champions Fishing Trip Logbook

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Trophy catfishing is about three things: The Right Spot, The Right Rig, and The Right Bait.

But it's hard to remember the details of every one of your past fishing trips. Which means the next time you go out, you'll just be guessing based on fuzzy memories unless you start keeping a logbook.

The Catfish Sumo Heavyweight Champions Fishing Trip Logbook helps you easily track important details from each of your trips, without wasting time recording all the unnecessary stuff.

Contains Logbook Entry Pages for 100 Trips:
  • Trip information (location, bait, rig, times, more)
  • Weather (temps, wind, moon, more)
  • Water Conditions (temp, color, current, levels)
  • Diagram (sketch the area with snags, casts, catches
  • Catches (log the size, species, baits, etc..

Also includes helpful resource pages like:
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Catfish Identification Guide
  • State Records Near You

But most importantly, the unique Index-As-You-Go helps you look up past trips almost instantly so the information you've recorded is just as easy to review.

After making just a couple quick notes during your fishing trip, you'll suddenly start seeing patterns you'd never noticed before, and start catching bigger catfish.

If you're ready to stop guessing and start catching, grab a copy of this logbook!